The Plan is to create a RGB-LED which change the Color based on some Nagios (or you can do the same with any other Monitoring System which have a json export).

First a small Proof of Concept with a WeMos Chip, a RGB-LED and 3 1k resistors. Connect everything together and load a HTTP-Client with AUTH Example from the Arduino IDE for the ESP.

Adding some JSON-Encode, and the control of the RGB-LED to the Script and get the following testing-code: Github Gist.

After this test was successful i start make the code a bit better and put it in this Github Repro. After this i grep a ESP and some more RGB-LEDs to build the final electronic Part. Go to the art supplies shop and bought some decoration to make a nice looking notification Lamp. At the end my lamp is some black cardboard, some transparent plastic and a bit wood. Inside the Lamp are 6 RGB-LEDS connected in series, at the top are some single LEDS.


While doing it i realise that a LED-Strip would be do the same Job. So for the next time …