First Webpage with Directus 6.4

This Webpage is the first i create with the new Directus 6.4 and i want to share my first impressions.

The first time i notice headless api-first CMS is some month ago. It play with Contentful which is a hostet API-First CMS System. I developed a small test page and like the way how i can use my current knowledge about Web-Development (Javascript Frameworks, PHP with Routings and so on)  . Until now i don’t like to develop a  Webpage with a CMS. I always have to learn how i can code for this special CMS system and the Framework also force me to use a special language.

Withe API-First the language of the Webpage don’t matter any more. I can use any language I want to develop the Page as long as i can make HTTP (Rest) calls. I can get the informations from the backend as Json-Object. Also i can create own “Date-Objects” in the CMS. So i can handle content not just as one big Text-Field (with a wysiwyg editor in front) i can save Informations in separate fields. Also i can use the Information for a Webpage, a App or whatever else I want to use.

After i try Contentful i search a open-source or at least self-hosted Headless CMS System. So i find Directus. At the first look it seems not to be a CMS more like a Database Administration tool try to make stuff easier for non-technical Persons (for the user, not the administrator) but it want to test it to figure out how it works. I started with the Version 6.3, build a sample Webpage and a Docker-Container for it. You can find it at Github. I build a another Webpage with Directs in Version 6.3 as backend. It was very useful that i can create my own table with Content and relations between the tables. But the wysiwyg editor was a bit creepy and the GUI was a bit complex at the beginning.  So i don’t use it for other Projects.

After a while Directus released Version 6.4 of the CMS. With a complete GUI redesign and two much much better wysiwyg editor for non-technical Persons. At the moment i work at a private Webpage and use Directus as Backend. And i really like it. The idea is awesome. I can create a Table for Blog Posts and have the “normal” CMS Feature. But for other kind of information like Projects i can easy add other fields to it. Also i have the complete control about my webpage. I developed it with the Slim-Framework in PHP and can do whatever i want to do in PHP without caring about the CMS, I just get some Json-Objects and use them in the Webpage.

Its more work to care about Routing or whatever but I'm used to do this. Also I'm much more flexible about how to create the Webpage. Right now I have much fun to work with Directus to manage Data. Its awesome that i don’t need to care about the Backend, that i have a good looking Backend and don’t need to use a “normal” MYSQL-Client, that i can be complete flexible about how to create the Webpage. Go to the Directus Webpage and check it out.


Veröffentlicht: 04.08.2017