S3 Browser

A Web-GUI for public access to Minio S3 Server. It allows to access files and buckets, also it can resize Images.

I used Minio as S3-Server, for example I create one instanc for images for Pictures of this Webpage. To make all images public and create a easy way to resize them on the Server I used until now a small PHP-Script to do the job

But after a while I need a better solution for it. So i take the old script and make a new one. It also based on PHP and the Slim-Framework. It can handle multiple Servers, show list of all "public" server (see config), list all buckets at a server and list all files of a bucket.

I used Bootstrap and Fontawesome for the GUI. Also it contains a JQuery-Plugin to automatic resize the Images in the Browser to the best size.

You can see my Example Version at s3browser.docker.kekskurse.de.




You can use the finish docker-compose File to run the Projekt. If you want to run it without docker you need PHP and install the composer dependencies.


To Config the Projekt you can use anything based on the AWS-PHP Lib. To handle the function to list it in the server-list, the bucket-list or the filelist you can add 3 additional paramerts:

  • visible (Show the Server in the Server-List)
  • listBuckets (Show the Buckets in the Bucket-List)
  • listFiles (Show the Files in the File-List


$config = [
    'settings' => [
        'displayErrorDetails' => true,
        's3' => [
            "kekskurse" =>
                    'visible' => true,
                    'listBuckets' => true,
                    'listFiles' => true,
                    'version' => 'latest',
                    'region'  => 'us-east-1',
                    'endpoint' => 'http://minio-url.de',
                    'use_path_style_endpoint' => true,
                    'credentials' => [
                        'key'    => 'KEY',
                        'secret' => 'SECRET',
            "moreServer" => ...

You need to add this file as config/settings.php in the Projekt.


You can Download the S3-Browser from the S3-Browser Page.