Software Blog

Since my youth I am interested in Software development. First it was just a free time activity later it become my professional job. I start coding with c#, later i switch to Web-Development with PHP , different Javascript frameworks and backend development with Python. Some of the Informations i find interesting and want to publish them here in a Blog post.

MQTT Notification MacOSX, Automator and Login Item

I use MQTT to control a lot of things in my apartment, but I also want to send some Notification to my Macbook, for this i wrote a small Python script and add some automagic.

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MQTT Status Dashboard

Create a HTML (Javascript) Dashboard for MQTT-Devices based on the retained and last-will Messages of the MQTT-Protocol.

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Deploy configs from Git with Jenkins

Sometimes its useful to save the config for a Projekt in a GIT-Projekt and automatic deploy to a Server with a Jenkins.

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Live Coding Unicorn Shield

For the Codingworld UG I developed a Webpage to remove control a Coding Unicorn Shield with Socket.IO and a HTTP-API.

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First Webpage with Directus 6.4

This Webpage is the first i create with the new Directus 6.4 and i want to share my first impressions.

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Software Projects

Here I want to present some Software Projects which I developed. Software Projects can be public Webpages or private Tools. Its not limited to a spacial kind of Projects like Webpages, Desktop-Tools, CLI-Scripts or Apps.